CDL, Under 21, Boats and Motorcycles

TRUCKERS/CDLsLouisville Commercial License Truck Driver DUI Defense

If you’re a truck driver with a commercial driver’s license (“CDL”), then you already know a DUI can take you off the road. Due to your special status, Kentucky law imposes a lower per se BAC of 0.04 for CDL drivers.


Drivers under the age of 21 also have special status on the road. A 0.02 BAC is the limit for those not yet old enough to purchase alcohol legally. Additionally, the penalties for under 21 DUI are different than they are for regular DUI.


Police receive specific training when it comes to identifying and charging motorcyclists with DUI. Your attorney should know the differences between a motorcycle traffic stop and one involving a car. For example, there are 24 initial visual “cues” or clues that officers are trained to look for in a motor vehicle DUI, but only 14 in motorcycle DUIs.



Boats present unique issues when it comes to DUI law. While the elements of a boating DUI offense are similar to a motor vehicle DUI, the actual case will be very different. Kentucky case law is relatively sparse in the area of watercraft DUI compared to regular DUI, which your attorney should be aware of.

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