Blemishes on your record can ruin your future. If you’ve ever had to report a prior criminal conviction on an application then you know what I’m talking about. Maybe your significant other isn’t being promoted because of an old alcohol charge from college. Or perhaps you yourself were the victim of overcharging, and a minor dispute ended up as an assault charge when no one was even hurt. It happens all the time.

What can I have expunged?


Felonies take away your right to vote, own a gun, and limit your ability to move freely in the world. In 2016, for the first time, the Kentucky General Assembly made it possible to expunge a felony conviction. However, over a year later, only certain class D felonies are on the eligibility list. The good news is that most non-violent drug offenses made the cut. However, even if you don’t think you are eligible to have your charge expunged, it is still worth talking to an experienced attorney who is familiar with other legal avenues to clearing your record.


Even seemingly minor charges, like possession of marijuana, can bar you from receiving student aid, federal housing, and other government assistance. Most all misdemeanor charges (with the exception of certain sex offenses) can be expunged. You need to have stayed out of trouble for a couple of years, but as long as you meet a few basic criteria, I can help you make these minor infractions on your permanent record become permanent history.

Traffic Violations

Ok, while a speeding ticket or two probably isn’t keeping you from getting ahead in the world, multiple moving violations are not a positive reflection on you and can make employers raise eyebrows. Why chance anyone, including an insurance company, finding out about your lead foot? And let’s face it, some charges just look and sound bad, like careless/reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, or not having insurance.

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