Sex Crimes

Rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, internet crimes and prostitution are some of the most serious charges a person can face. Prosecution is harsh, penalties steep, and even if unproven, accusations alone can ruin lives. Your attorney needs to know the law, be familiar with police investigative techniques, and listen.

The Charge

Sex charges are serious and carry some of the heftiest penalties levied by the law. Unfortunately, criminal complaints are regularly issued and indictments handed down by grand juries based on little more than a vague allegation. Rarely is there much, if any, physical evidence to support these terrible claims, with the accused often forced into a nightmarish “he-said/she-said” battle of words.

Sexual assault convictions carry lifetime offender registration and court-ordered treatment programs that require participation in classes long after your case is over. And just as felony convictions for sex offense cannot be expunged, neither can most misdemeanor sex crimes.

Computers and cell phones have added a whole new set of problems to this already complicated area of the law. The attorney you hire should be up to date on the technological advancements available to users and police alike.

Sex charges are not always based on violence or because a child was involved, although these are the types of crimes most people associate the term “sex offense” with. In actuality, many sex charges stem from acts that are not necessarily morally reprehensible, but because of statutory lines set by politicians. Today, it is very easy for two young people engaging in a consensual relationship to find themselves in court because of disapproving parents.

Your Defense

Your defense should be swift and aggressive. Just because the state may not have a lot of evidence against you doesn’t mean we can’t uncover a lot of evidence to support your side of the story. Every passing day fades memories and deteriorates physical evidence. Call (502) 200-4482 today so we can get started prepping your defense.

Discovery & Investigation

A copy of the forensic interview of the alleged victim, if one was done, needs to be obtained right away. The person who performed the interview also needs to be vetted to determine if they are qualified, and if not, appropriate motions filed to exclude their testimony.

Were statements taken from you or others by police as part of their investigation? Grand jury proceedings are another source of information. Sometimes these materials are not provided until after I file a discovery motion and the judge orders them produced for our review.

It may also be necessary to conduct our own investigation after the state has done theirs, as cases are frequently won by what the defense uncovers.

The Police Investigation

Perhaps an allegation has been made, but no charges have been filed; however, you are being contacted by law enforcement personnel who “just wants to talk” or “clear up a few things”. If you receive such a call or hear phrases like this, you probably need an attorney. Don’t wait until they’ve lulled you in to thinking that they want to help and you’ve given damaging statements against your own interest. Call (502) 200-4482 today and let me do the talking for you.

Police investigators have several types of interview, questioning, and interrogation techniques at their disposal and spend years training to perfect them. Suspects are routinely subjected to methods used by local specialists trained in some of the same techniques used by military and intelligence organizations to elicit information from captives.

Talk to an attorney before agreeing to an interview or signing anything. Don’t post your thoughts or details about your case on social media. Now is the time to remain silent if there ever was one. If and when our defense team decides to speak about your case it will be after thoughtful discussion, planning, and with a unified voice that promotes one simple message – your innocence.

Each situation is different and no two clients are alike. I will handle your case with the upmost care and give you the respect you deserve. Time is of the essence, so call me today at (502) 200-4482 so we can start planning your defense. Initial consultation is free.